November Geek Sites

Great Aviation Quotes
My favorite part? The cliche section. Because, um, I guess they are.

DNS Esoterica
I can actually quit today. They don't get geekier than this site. I am ready to be primary.

Nikki's AOL Disk Collection
I just use them to transfer Word documents. Still, wouldn't you love a family member who made you gifts from products they got free in the mail? Like a junk mail jamboree!

Classic Video Game Whatnot
But that's not really what it is. It's really an homage to the Atari series. Having missed Yar's Revenge a lot lately, I can understand it.

F_4 Calculator
What I just can't figure out is why. It's not like this is filling a need. Good use of disk space, though. (Shoot. I did it again--another repeat. I'm getting old, I tell ya.)

Amateur Radio Elmers
What separates this page from the huddled masses? The reference to the magazine.

Internet Spelling Follies
Ooh, this guy is a hoot. Bet his friends on those mailing lists think he's reeeeeal funny. (The notepad thing is kinda cute, though.)

Rubik's Cube Robot
OK, I admit it, I think this thing is really cool. Don't miss the poetry, either. (It frightens me that I know who Claude Shannon is, too.)

Mark Eats AOL
Poor Mark. He doesn't get it. AOL is the Internet. (Yes, I'm kidding. Flame me and bleed to death.)

70-53: The MS TCP/IP Exam Page
OK, so I'm giving free publicity to a company. But you've gotta hope there's not much competition in this area, and they have that neat beep.

Molecule of the Fortnight
Now, in the old days, we used to do our science projects at home, on the kitchen table. That way, when they failed, we didn't have to tell the entire world about them.

An Exhibit of Historic Microscopes
In today's history lesson, we learn about... nothing. (Seriously, check out the rest of the Virtual Hospital. I think it's one of the most valuable sites on the web.)

The 1995 SQL Reunion: People, Projects, and Politics
SELECT geek FROM people WHERE occupation="engineer" AND time="a-plenty"

Robert Vaughn Ph.D.
OK, here's another really bizarre page, from a ''professor'' who likes Kinky People!! Well, at least he's registed as a libertarian, and it does explain why UNLV has such a fine academic reputation. (Confession: this scares the hell out of me. If you have a class from this guy, please let me know. Update; somebody told me he was a janitor. I feel a bit better.)

Golomb Rulers
OK, this page wasn't that great at first--just a Hobbit joke and the like. But then I got to the Caution! Boring Stuff Follows! announcement, and then it all seemed funny again.

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